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Assura® 2-piece Pediatric Pouching Systems - Pediatric Standard Wear Barrier, Box of 5

Coloplast Assura® Pediatric 2-piece Barrier

Pediatric base-plates are small, flat, child-friendly in size, and can be combined with pediatric-sized drainable or closed urostomy pouches. Alternatively, the Assura pediatric base-plate can be used interchangeably with adult-sized 'green" coupling SenSura or Assura pouches for a broad array of pouching solutions. Spiral adhesive, for security and skin-friendliness, it is a combination of materials designed for protection in a spiral structure for secure adherence and absorption of moisture from the skin.

Size: Box of 5
Cut-to-fit, 3/8"-1 3/8" (10-35 mm) (green)
Price: $31.00