Assura® 2-piece Urostomy Pouching Systems - Urostomy Micro-Pouch, Box of 10

Coloplast Coloplast® Urostomy Micro-Pouch

The Coloplast urostomy micro-pouch is a small and discreet pouch that can be used as a connector to the Coloplast urostomy night bag and various Coloplast leg bags, to enable a comfortable nighttime experience. Small and discreet, its small size provides comfort while in bed and prevents twisting, allowing trouble-free flow at night. Position of the pouch can be rotated to increase comfort and drainage during sleep.

The Coloplast urostomy micro-pouch fits with all SenSura Click barriers and Assura 2-piece barriers.

Size: Box of 10
Transparent, 6" (15 cm) (blue)
Price: $33.75
Transparent, 6" (15 cm) (green)
Price: $33.75
Transparent, 6" (15 cm) (red)
Price: $33.75